As Christians we’re taught to love God above all things and on the whole, we believe we do. Then one day I read the dating column of a man who wanted to meet ‘a woman who loves God more than she loves me. ‘To be ‘in love’ is to crave to be with the one one loves at all times, to share ones life with them, take counsel and above all to seek to please them by and in what we do at all times. To be ‘in love’ with someone therefore requires one to know the other intimately.And so I asked a question quite without irony: how is it possible to love God more than one’s intended?And He found me. His diaries. A few months later, I began these adaptations and in the course of a work exchange, a woman – a mother- declared to me in an email that she did not believe in God. I was on the high street when I received that email and I wept. I put my sunglasses on to hide my tears but behind them, I wept bitterly all the way to the Cathedral and then straight to the Sanctuary where, kneeling before the Tabernacle, tears streaming down my face, my heart was steeped in Adoration of my Jesus, my God.

This library is build from adaptations of His diaries, the unvarnished truth, from dictations given by our Lord Himself to Maria Valtorta around the middle of the Twentieth Century, from visions given to the Venerable Mary of Agreda in the 17th Century and -coming soon- from revelations to Fr Guido Bortoluzzi in the 1970s, in an attempt to give back what has been lost across centuries of census, persecutions and misinterpretations so that each one of us, intelligent beings, may know the truth and so decide for themselves.

The dictations not only explain the diaries but also address modern day issues that are relevant to each and every one of us for our everyday physical, moral and spiritual wellbeing.

If you want to  get to know God, here is your chance. Use it.