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Follow Me: For Love that Perseveres

The sun, although about to set, blazes down unto the grey- green dome of the thick olive trees laden with small well- shaped fruit but…Read More

Judas: Those Who Are Marked

While Simon, wearing only a short tunic, washes himself and then puts his clothes on, Judas and John come. ‘Hail, Master, are we late? ‘…

Judas: I See You as You Are

It is evening, turning dark and the daylight grows fainter and fainter in the thick olive-grove where, Jesus, alone, is sitting on one of the little ground….

Claudia Procula: Do You Love the Nazarene?

As a starting point, Jesus draws the attention of the audience to the large number of birds that nestle in the trees in Lazarus’ garden and in the orchard where His listeners are gathered….Read More

Lazarus: That Beautiful Blonde

‘That bed is mine! I sold You the servant, not the bed.’ Jesus throws the purse at his feet without saying a word‘…

Judas: Jesus Weeps

‘Is pain not always evil? ‘
‘No, My friend. It is evil from a human point of view, but from a supernatural one it is good. It increases….

Episodes from ‘The Full of Grace’.

  • The Early Years: …There are women with Anne, including Alphaeus’ mother and they come in and out of Anne’s room to fetch hot… Read More
  • The Merit: …Mary is fourteen years, six months and seventeen days old today. Wearing a plain white dress, She is sitting on a stool by a bookcase in a small … Read More
  • Joseph’s Passion: …As darkness creeps in, the two women collect their things and head into the house where the lamps are already lit.  Mary begins to weave again whilst … Read More
  • The Blue Angel: …’How is little John?’ Joseph asks ‘He is growing as strong as a little colt. But he is teething now and he is suffering a little which is why … Read More
  • The Boyhood of Jesus: …When She sees Him lying still on the ground, Mary, who has been watching from the doorstep smiling, shouts: ‘ Jesus, Jesus! Get up! Don’t lie down like that! Your Mummy does not want to see You dead! ‘Jesus gets up smiling, runs towards Her, and kisses Her. James and Judas also come down and receive Mary’s caresses… Read More

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Claudia Procula: Trilogy (The wife of Pontius Pilate)
Longinus (The soldier who pierced the side of Jesus)
The Sanhedrin: Trilogy (The Council of Pharisees)
Gamaliel: (The Doctor of the Law who disputed with Jesus when He was 12)
Pontius Pilate (The Roman Governor of Judea)
Genesis 1 (Creation)
The Ten Commandments: as taught by Jesus at the Clear Water
The Beatitudes:
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Jesus says:
“I will forestall a remark as well. In his Gospel, John, mentioning his meeting with Me, says: “And the following day”. It would therefore appear that the Baptist pointed Me out the day after My baptism and that John and James followed Me at once. But that conflicts with what the other Evangelists said about the forty days spent in the desert. But you should read as follows: “(John having already been arrested), one day, later, the two disciples of John the Baptist, the ones to whom he had pointed Me out saying: ‘Here is the Lamb of God’, on seeing Me again, called Me and followed Me.” After I had come back from the desert. 25th February 1944.”
“Do you know, Mary, what you are doing? Or rather, what I am doing, in showing you the Gospel? Making a stronger attempt to bring men to Me. You yearned for it with your fervent prayers. I will no longer confine Myself to words. They tire men and detach them. It is a fault, but it is so. I will have recourse to visions, also of My Gospel, and I will explain them to make them more attractive and clear. I give you the comfort of seeing them. I give everybody the possibility of wishing to know Me. And if it is of no avail, and like cruel children they should throw away the gift without understanding its value, you will be left with My present, and they with My indignation. I shall be able once again to repeat the old reproach: “We played for you and you would not dance; we sang dirges and you would not weep.” But it does not matter. Let them, the inconvertible ones, heap burning coals on their heads and let us turn to the little sheep seeking to become acquainted with their Shepherd. It is I, and you are the staff leading them to Me. » 3rd February 1944”
“To find Me, to know Me, to receive Me, then to come to Me -that is the only meaning of every life. All activities, all zeal are subordinate to that, and have only the value of means, in the measure in which they lead to Me. I am the Alpha and Omega, your God and your All. How is it then that in so many lives, I am accepted and treated merely as something supplementary?
“People come to Me in distress, beseeching… and I always, always give…Where are those who love Me simply because I am the Savior, because I am your God and your All?..because I am the Alpha and the Omega…?”
“Yes, I have made Myself so truly your Brother that I have willed that you should have the same Father as I, and that my Mother should become your Mother. Love does not keep for Itself those whom It loves; It gives them away.”
-Jesus to Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity