Jesus at Bethsaida in Peter’s house, speaks to the crowd gathered in Peter’s terrace and also in the kitchen:

‘Peace to men of goodwill…..Peace and blessings to their homes, their women, their children. May the grace and the light of God reign in your homes and in the hearts that dwell in them-

-You have wished to hear me. The Word is speaking. It speaks with joy to the honest, with sorrow to the dishonest, with delight to the holy and pure, with mercy to sinners. It does not withhold itself, but has come to spread out like a river that flows to irrigate lands that need water, refreshing them and fertilising them at the same time with humus.

– You want to know what is required to become disciples of the Word of God, of the Messiah, Word of the Father, Who has come to gather Israel together, that it may hear once again the words of the holy and immutable Decalogue and may be sanctified  by them and thus be purified for the hour of Redemption and of the Kingdom, as far as man can be purified by himself.

– Now, I say to the deaf, the blind, the dumb, the lepers, the paralytic, the dead: “Rise, you are healed, rise, walk, may the rivers of light, of words, of sounds be opened for you, that you may see and hear Me and speak of Me.”….But rather than to your bodies, I am speaking to your souls. Men of good will, come to Me without fear. If hour souls are injured, I will cure them, if they are ill, I will heal them, if they are dead, I will raise them. All I want is your goodwill.

-is what I ask for difficult? No. It is not. I do not impose on you the hundreds of precepts of the rabbis. I say to you: follow the Decalogue. The Law is one and immutable. Many centuries have gone. Y since it was given; beautiful, pure, fresh like a new-born creature, like a rose just opened on its stem. Simple, neat, easy to follow……But over the centuries, faults and trends have complicated it with many minor laws, burdens and restrictions and too many painful clauses……I bring you the Law, once again, as the Most High Gave it and in your own interest, I ask you to accept it with sincere  hearts, like the true Israelites of bygone times.

-You grumble, more in your hearts than with your lips, blaming the upper rather than humble people. I know. Deuteronomy states what is to be done; nothing else was necessary. But do not judge those who acted for other people, not for themselves. Do what God commands and above all, strive to be perfect in two main precepts: if you love God with all your souls, you will not sin because sin gives pain to God. Who loves does not want to give pain……
If you love your neighbours as you love yourselves, you will be respectful children to your parents, faithful husbands to your wives, honest merchants in your trade, without violence against your enemies, truthful in bearing witness, without envy of wealthy people, without incentive of lewdness for another man’s wife……and as you do not wish to do to others what you do not wish others to do to you, you will not steal, or kill, or slander, or enter someone else’s nest like cuckoos.

-Nay, I say to you: “Carry your obedience to the two precepts of love to perfection: love also your enemies.

-How much the Most High will love you since He loves man so much. Even though man became His enemy through original sin and because of his personal sins, He sent the Redeemer, the Lamb Who is His Son, that is I, Who am speaking to you, the Messiah promised to redeem you from all your sins, if you will learn to love as He does.

-Love. May your love become a ladder by which, like angels, you ascend to Heaven, as Jacob saw them, when you hear the Father say to each and everybody: “I will be your protector wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this place; to Heaven, the eternal Kingdom. Peace be with you.”