Jesus says:
“Man, who are dear to Me, in spite of your errors, lost sheep for whom I have walked and for whom I have shed my Blood to point out to you the way of Truth, this dictation is for you. An instruction for you. Do not refuse my gift.
“Do not commit the sacrilege of thinking that another word is more rightful than this one. This one is mine. It is my voice, which for centuries has always been the same, which does not change, which does not contradict itself, which is not renewed with the passing of the ages because it is perfect, and progress does not affect it. You can update yourselves. Not I, who am as on the first day in my doctrine, just as from eternity I am forever in my nature. I am the Word of God, the Wisdom of the Father.
“In my one, true Gospel it is stated: ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. Not the God of the dead, but of the living.’ Abraham lived once. Isaac lived once. Jacob lived once. You shall live once. I, who am God, took on flesh once and will not take it on a second time, for God, too, respects order. And the order of human life is this:
“For a spirit to be fused to flesh to make man like God, who is not flesh, but spirit, not animal, but supernatural.
“For the flesh, when it declines, in its evening, to fall like a slough and covering into the nothingness from which it was taken and the spirit to return to its life blessed, if it lived; damned, if it Perished for having made the flesh its lord instead of making God the lord of its spirit. “For that spirit from the hereafter, whose details you uselessly wish to know, without contenting yourselves with believing in its existence to wait, with a fearful trembling or a joyful thrill, to see the flesh rise again to clothe itself therein once again on Earth’s last day and to plunge with it into the abyss or penetrate into Heaven, also glorified in matter, with which you have overcome because it has been your natural enemy, changed into a supernatural ally by you.
“But how could you take on one flesh at the time of my sublime review and go to condemnation or glory with it if each spirit had many fleshly existences? And which would it choose from among them? The first or the last?
“If the first was valid, according to your theories, for the spirit’s accession to the second, it is already meritorious flesh indeed, more meritorious than the others to possess heaven, for what exacts an effort is the first victory. After the accession, it is protracted. But if only the perfect are to enter Heaven, how can the first flesh enter? It would be unjust to exclude the first and unjust to believe that there will be exclusion of the last one of your fleshly existences, which, by an infelicitous theory, you believe can clothe your spirit like a suit laid down in the evening and taken up again in the morning embodied and disembodied and embodied once again, in an ascending series.
“And how could you invoke the blessed if they were already reincarnated? And how could you call your deceased yours if at that moment they were already the children of others?
“No. The spirit lives. Once created, it is never destroyed. It lives in Life if it has lived on earth, in the only life which is granted to you as a child of God. It lives in Death if it has lived in earthly life as a child of Satan. What belongs to God returns to God forever. What belongs to Satan returns to Satan forever.
“And do not say, ‘This is bad.’ This I, the Truth, am telling you is supremely good. If you lived a thousand lives, you would become Satan’s bait a thousand times, and you would not always be able to emerge wounded, but alive. In living a single time and knowing that your destiny resides in that time, if you are not accursed worshippers of the Beast, you act at least with that minimum of will which suffices for Me to save you.
“Moreover, blessed are those who, instead of the minimum, give their whole selves and live in my Law. The God of the living observes them from Heaven with infinite love, and the good you still have on earth is had through these saints, whom you sometimes disdain, but whom the Saints call ‘brothers and sisters,’ whom the angels caress, and whom the Triune God blesses.”