The Full of Grace:
The Early Years.
The Merit.
Joseph’s Passion.
The Blue Angel.
The Boyhood of Jesus.

Follow Me:
Treasure with 7 Names
Where there are Thorns, there also will be roses
For Love that Perseveres
The Apostolic College
The Decalogue

The Chronicles of Jesus & Judas Iscariot:
I See You As You Are
Those who are Marked
Jesus Weeps

That Beautiful Blonde
Flowers of Bounty

Claudia Procula:
Do You Love the Nazarene?
The Caprice of Court Morals

Christian Tenets:
On Reincarnation

Mary of Magdala:
Ah! My Beloved! I Reached You At Last!

Coming Soon:

Creation: The Genesis story AS IT HAPPENED  in Eden as revealed to modern day Visionary Fr. Guido Bortoluzzi (1907 -1991)