«I am Love. I do not have my own voice because my Voice is in the whole creation and beyond the creation. Like the ether, I spread through all that is; like fire, I inflame; like blood, I circulate.

I am in every word of Christ and flower on the lips of the Virgin. I purify the mouths of the prophets and saints and make them luminous. I am He who inspired things before they existed, for it is my power that, like a heartbeat, moved the creative thought of the Eternal.

Through Christ all things have been made, but all things have been made by Myself, Love, for it is I that with my secret power moved the Creator to work the miracle.

I was when nothing was, and I shall be when only Heaven remains.

I am the inspirer of the creation of man, to whom the world was given for his delight, the world in which, from the oceans to the stars, from the Alpine peaks to the stems, my seal is present.

I shall be the one to place on the lips of the last man the supreme invocation: “Come, Lord Jesus!’

I am the One who, to placate the Father, infused the idea of the Incarnation and descended, as a creative fire, to make Myself an embryo in the immaculate womb of Mary, and ascended, made Flesh, onto the Cross, and from the Cross, to Heaven again, to make the new alliance between God and man in a ring of love, as, in an embrace of love, I had clasped the Father and the Son, generating the Trinity.Graces and Mercy

I am He who speaks without words, everywhere and in every doctrine originating in God, He who without touch opens eyes and opens ears to hear the supernatural, He who without a command draws you from the death of life to Life in the Life which knows no limit.

The Father is upon you; the Son is in you; but I, the Spirit, am in your spirits and sanctify you with my presence.

Seek Me wherever there is love, faith, and wisdom. Give Me your love. The fusion of love with Love creates Christ in you and bears you back into the Father’s breast.

I have spoken today, which is the advent of Love on Earth, my highest manifestation, the one from which redemption and Pentecostal infusion come to the Earth.

May my Fire dwell in you and set you aflame, recreating you for God, in God, and through God, the Eternal Lord, to whom all praise should be given, in Heaven and on Earth.»