The Eternal Father says:
«Write, for there is someone who so desires and thinks of this.
Paul of Tarsus, at one time a supporter of the synedrium and a relentless persecutor of Christ’s disciples, having returned to the Light by way of a divine thunderbolt and become the tireless Apostle of my Son, in the Areopagus of Athens announced to the Athenians that unknown God to whom they had dedicated an altar.
Now as well, many living altars are deprived of their God and could write on their religious nudity at least these words: “To the Unknown God.”
They do not write even this, inferior in their paganism to the Athenians of old, who, not satisfied with their images without true life and not beclouded by religious apathy, as you are, felt that above the deceitful Olympus of their gods, to whom they had lent their passions and their vices, there was a true and holy God, and they called upon Him to make Himself known through that altar dedicated to Him, upon which there was not yet a statue or a name, as they waited for Divine Revelation to affix them to it.
But you know the true God, for I have been revealing Him to you for ages and ages, and, not satisfied with revealing Him to you, I sent you God Himself, not by a deceitful apparition or fleeting dwelling, but robed in human Flesh and living among you for a whole lifetime.
I gave a name to that Perfection of God’s − remember, O men, that God is Charity, and the compendium and perfection of Charity is had in Christ, who became incarnate to give you Life − who had descended to act in your midst. A holy name willed by Me, for in his Name there is the compendium of his Perfection and his sublime mission. A Name known to God alone in its true meaning. A Name before which the Divinity throbs with more lively ardor, Paradise shines with more beatific splendour with all its processions of angels and saints, the abyss trembles, and the forces of the Universe bend their powers, for they recognise the name of the King through whom all things have been made.
In the thrice holy and powerful name of Jesus is the splendour and glory of the Triune God, for He is the Holy of Holies, in whom there is found, as in the Temple of God, the living, true, and perfect God as He is in Heaven, eternal and active, like a wheel which undergoes no welding and does not cease its movement in the ages and ages preceding man and the ages and ages following man. Hence the Book rightly states, “You, man, will not build the house for my Name, but your son, who will emerge from your entrails, will be the one who will build a house for my Name.”299
The Son of Man, born of a woman of a holy lineage, consecrated to Me, by the will of the Holy Spirit conceived without the weight of carnality, but by an infusion of love alone, the One Born of Mary, who did not open the virginal womb at birth, as at his conception no one violated that womb consecrated to Me − your son through the Mother, O Humanity, and my Son by his divine origin, shall be the One who shall make Himself the House upon which the Glory of my Name is engraved.
For We are inseparable in our Trinity, and in Christ there are the Father and the Son and the Divine Spirit. The Son is nothing but the Word of the Father, who has taken on a form to be Redemption for you. But his annihilation does not break the union of the Three Persons, for the Perfection of God knows no limitation or separation.
How could you contain God in such an infinite and holy temple as the Divinity requires? Only God Himself could be a temple for God and bear his Name without this being an irony and offense. Only God could dwell in Himself and make the temples of man alive with Himself, upon which the name affixed by man is no longer fallacious because I have given you that Name.
Only God, O Christians, could give you his Name as a sign of salvation upon all the races of the Earth, that Name which the angels will read on the brows of those who will not die eternally and preserve them, through that Name, from the scourges of the final hour, as it has already preserved from the second death the elect who are singing the holiness of my Son in the heavenly dwelling.
Woe to those who deny the Name and offend it by substituting the demoniacal sign of Satan for this Name, which is holy, or who simply allow spiritual languor to forget it as if a corrosive substance were erasing it from their self, which has Life through that Name. Death, true Death, awaits the deniers of the name of my Son, to whom I have submitted all power and all judgment and in whose Name my Majesty bows at each miracle, as in the Universe every creature ought to bow in holy and loving worship.
Oh, children of my Son − who carried his Name to be reddened with Divine Blood on the steep ascent of Calvary and to shine as the only light of the obscured world in the
darkness of Good Friday, so that it would be a warning pointing to Heaven, for which you have been made, and it has been shining for centuries to go on reminding you of Heaven, and never as now does it flash out to call you to Itself in this wrath created, incited, and willed by you, wherein you are perishing amidst gurgles of blood and the laughter of demons − O children of my Son, graze once more the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, on the altar of your hearts without God, on the profaned temple of your minds, with your pain turning back to God, with, your hope rising up again to God, with your faith being re-baptised by tears, and with your love rediscovering the way of Charity. Free heart and mind from the images of a cult bringing you spiritual death. Place the true God in them and upon them. Love, sing, invoke, bless, and believe in the Name of my Son.
In the Name of the Just, Holy, Strong One, the Dominator, the Victor. In the Name of Him before whom the Father does not resist and for whom the Spirit effuses his rivers of sanctifying grace. In the Name of the Merciful One, who loves you to the point of having wanted to endure earthly life and death and become Food to nourish your weakness and a Sacrament to remain in your midst beyond his return to Heaven and to bear God into you.
I swear to you by my Holiness: there is not, was not, and shall not be a greater name than This One. I, Triune, am in It with my supreme manifestation of power and love.»
He further states:
«Introduce tomorrow’s date. Jesus Christ, the son of David, ought to have celebrated his Name on the day of the royal Prophet from whom Mary proceeds.»
29-Dec-1943 −
299 The writer adds in pencil, “The Third Book of Kings, chapter 8, verse 19.”