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Colouring Books 5-8
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Comic/Graphic/Illustrated Stories 13+
Theme Focused Books Shots 13+

See Code of Canon Law.

“The work which is given to men through little John is not a canonical book”  Jesus to Maria Valtorta, January 28, 1947 (The Notebooks 1945-1950 by Maria Valtorta).

“Publish this Work (“The Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtorta “) as it is. It is not necessary to give any opinion about its origin or whether it can be extraordinary or not. Whoever reads it, will understand” His Holiness Pope Pius XII, February 26, 1948.

The Poem Of The Man+God is not a canonical book. It is a Historical document and has been duly vetted by the relevant authorities – historians, Topographers, Theologians, etc-. For more about Authorship, authenticity and testimonies, please visit here. As such, it belongs, as do all History books, in homes amongst histories and novels as do any other history book. Having said that, the life of Jesus, the Man, necessarily crosses over into Religion just as the Man was/ is at once fully God and fully Man.

Welcome to Judea of 2000 years ago. This is our job… Sorry, our delight!

Carefully pieced together into stories of how the lives of individuals crossed paths with the Life of Jesus.

“I don’t advise you to (read it)… I order you to”…Saint Padre Pio
“Third favourite Book“Mother Theresa

Colour . Play. Learn.

Know how things were before facts became lost through censorship, translation errors, misinterpretations or simple nuance.
For busy Parents in today’s world, the lessons in the books are priceless.